Great Pivol Features That Will Help You Set Up Your Dream Website Without Much Effort

Great Pivol Features That Will Help You Set Up Your Dream Website Without Much Effort

Set up a robust and secure news portal right on your domain.

It is super easy to design and publish a website with Pivol's advanced technologies. With our cloud based infrastructure, your website will be robust and stay online without any interruption. We handle all the load balancing, so you do not need to worry if your resources will be enough for sudden traffic increases. Our solution uses high quality & latest technologies for security, especially for DDoS attacks. So sit back, relax and focus on your content while we take care of all the technical problems that once gave you headaches.

Minimize Your Costs and Save Time

Are you tired of wasting your time and resources on software and design issues on your online adventure? Pivol will free you from most of your issues. With our simple interface, manage the technical difficulties including DNS services with a few clicks. Get ready to publish from day-one by choosing a theme Pivol offers and customizing it with your own style.

Use the Modular Design Tool to Enhance Your Website with Awesome Features.

Which features would you want on your news portal? The modular design tool developed by Pivol team will allow you to easily craft the design of your own website as you like, and customize it with unique features. The only thing you need to do is to choose what you need from many different modules and drag-drop it to its place! After that, you only need to hit a button to instanly publish your website live!

Monetize Your Traffic!

You set your website up, published your content and started to enjoy immense traffic. So how about turning that traffic to a source of income? Pivol's integraded ad management service makes it easy to publish ads on your website and make money out of your traffic. Pivol works with many kinds of ads, including your own images, Google Adsense and AdX. With a few clicks, you can set ad spaces on your website and publish ads instantly. Leave all the technical stuff and bureaucracy to us, and just focus on your content!

Reach a Larger Audience wih SEO, Google News and AMP Support.

Your Pivol website is search engine optimized, so your content will rank higher in search results compared to other websites. Pivol also supports Google Analytics, so you can easily integrate the service to your website and see detailed usage statistics. Pivol powered websites are Google News optimized, so they list under News tab and this enables news searching users to find you much more easily.

Do You Already have a News Portal but want Pivol's advantages?

We can help you! Our team will help you migrate your existing website to Pivol. The change will be unnoticable to your users and you can start benefitting from Pivol's robust system from day one.

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See the future of setting up a News Portal.

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