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  • Kuruluş: 2006/İstanbul
  • Şirket bilgileri: Pivol Bilişim Danışmanlık ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri Ticaret Ltd. Şti.
    İkitelli VD. - 7300338343
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General Information

What is Pivol?

Pivol is an innovative cloud powered platform that enables you to create the website of your dreams without any coding skills. You can design your website by simply dragging & dropping with our signature Design Editor, fill it with your content with our special Cıntent Management System and go up unline in just minutes.

What are the pricing options?

We offer different plans suitable for different segments of websites. Each of Pivol websites has one of these plans and are subject to the plans limits. You can view the features and pricing of the plans on Pricing page and purchase a plan to set up and publish your dream site in just a few minutes.

Setting up a website

How do I sign up?

Signing up to Pivol is free. Just head over to our homepage and click the “Sign up” button. When you fill out the sign up form, your Pivol account will be ready. You can own more than one website under your account.

How do I create a website?

After signing up, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to create your first website. You can follow the steps to easily create your website. If you already have a website and want more, you can click “Create new Website” button on your Dashboard.

How do I design a website?

You can see a list of your websites on your Dashboard page. Each website will include a link to the Design Editor, where you will be able to change the design of that website. Pivol websites consist of basic elements that we call “Modules”. Each element that you can see on a news portal like sliders and headlines are imagined as “Modules” on Pivol e. You can check all the modules listed on the left side of Design Editor, add as much as you want to your website by clicking “Add” button, drag & drop them to their places, resize them, select their news source, change their settings such as colors or grid structures etc. You can view all your website's pages on the top and when you click to a page, you will start editing that page. Just click to the “Save” icon on top of your page and your page is ready!

How do I fill my website with content?

You should use our CMS screen for this purpose. On your Dashboard screen, you will see the links that directs you to the CMS panel for each of your website. On CMS page, just enter your content and necessary information on the “Add new content” tab and click “Save”. Your content will appear in one of your modules on your page.

How do I publish my website?

After you are done with customizing your design and filled your website with content, all you need to do is clicking the “Publish” button located on the top of Design Editor page. This will update your website online with the design changes you have made. You can also set your website's online status on the website settings page.

Using your own domain

If you choose to use your own domain while creating your website, that website will be listed with your domain on your Dashboard page. However, in order to start publishing your website under your domain you should configure the DNS addresses on your domain service provider's page. Check “Use Your Own Domain” tab on your site settings page for Pivol's IP addresses. DNS forwarding might take up to 24 hours depending on your provider. You do not need to take any extra steps after forwarding your domain.

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